A Big Blue Watery Road

Well folks, let’s wrap things up today with a request: A few astute readers very politely wondered in my general direction, hey, where all the handsome fellas at? They’re right here, friends—and by “here” I mean “up there,” like the excellently named Adam “Danger” Chitwood, who just hangs out all day, shirtless, letting his hair blow in the mild breeze. Must be nice. Must be nice.

Until tomorrow, fair ModBloggers.

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22 thoughts on “A Big Blue Watery Road

  1. O.o wow. Ha…haha…ha….*faint*

    Oi, good looking and well modified boys just make me happy. That septum is just lovely on him.

  2. septum is up good and high, by the looks. i wanna see some color in that chestpiece.

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