Oh, You Men

Oh look, it’s Lucas! We feature his lovely wife, Anna, on here so frequently that it’s easy to forget that she’s just one half of one hell of a good-looking couple. In this photo, he’s sporting a set of skin-divers in his forehead just recently put in place by the aforementioned Anna. Hey, you know what they say about the couple that plays together.

After the jump, continuing on with yesterday’s BME Hollywood Exclusive featuring the Twilight gang, we have a never before seen still from the currently in-production Kevin Smith film, A Couple of Dicks. Excited? Get excited.

30 thoughts on “Oh, You Men

  1. Perfect! And I love the jewelry. I really like the vertical and horizontal bridge together as well, I waaaant

  2. I agree, his jewelry is super pretty, and I really like all of his facial piercings

    That second photo is full of lolz

  3. He kind of looks bedazzled or bejeweled or whatever the term is… either way, I like it!

  4. Corvin – they’re different to micros, I think you can find a bit of info on BME about them but not much. Personally I’m a bit wary of them as there is such a dearth of knowledge on how they heal and so forth. Best of luck to Lucas though 🙂

    Also, I love the dual bridge piercings. I’d been wondering how a vert + horizontal bridge would look together, and now I know!

  5. Wow! He looks great! Kudos to both of them for being such an attractive couple.

  6. There’s something about his piercings that I really like
    I’m not usually a fan of this many piercings, maybe it’s his choce of jewellery, or his symetry, or his combo but it’s really awesome:)

  7. i’m not crazy about the busyness, although the symmetry is pleasing. but most importantly god DAMN does he have a cute wifey.

  8. I’ll show this picture to my boss, with words “that is a lot of piercing))) Do you see that? And I have not “a lot of piercing”.)))))))))) also, I can add “but I have only one penis…. in a right place, not near my ears”))))

  9. I’d fuck Lucas sideways!

    His skindivers are so sexy!

    Ara~ I like skindivers alot more than microdermals. They heal pretty much flawlessly (as long as you don’t snag them). 🙂

  10. Everything about his face is perfect. I love the bridge/vert bridge combo; lots of people can’t pull that off very well. Bridge is a little crooked, but whose isn’t? Facial hair is awesome, too. He’s one of those guys that really makes me question my sexuality, honestly.

  11. Wonder how the skin divers are healing up… Agreed with the medusa jewellery – bootiful!

    Zymotic – it does look a little crooked to me too…

  12. Woow… great combination of mods, his ears are AWESOME and his stretched mouches equally so, insane kudos!!

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