Death Turns Backwards

Happy Saturday, ModBloggers! I hope you’ve all been productive or relaxing or whatever the hell it is you set out to do with your weekend. Me? I swear I had a ton of witty and insightful things to say, but then I caught a glimpse of this incredible backpiece of ol’ Aslan up there and now, unfortunately, I have to clean all this crap out of my pants. So it goes.

(Seriously though, isn’t this beautiful? This was done by Génia in Valenciennes, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France, and took about 60 hours. Outstanding.)

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25 thoughts on “Death Turns Backwards

  1. Lovely.

    And I have to say, as someone who has never actually seen the Chronicles of Narnia movies, but has read the books, this is exactly how I pictured Aslans face. Calm but penetrating somehow.

    First person to make a perverted joke about this gets cupcakes.

  2. awesome… nicely centered to 🙂 🙂

    Best animal backpiece ive seen hands down..

    Oh and Vombie – lol! just spent a good 30mins reading through that site.

  3. Is it just me, or does this “massive image update” not working for anyone else?

  4. it’s erm, big. I admire the dedication. however, it kinda freaks me out. like, the lion’s staring @ me from wherever I go.
    peering into my very soul!!!

  5. MadHatter & Bob : If you are referring to the big update (5000 images) posted to BME recently it was all images for the members gallery sections mostly in BME Hard, sorry I should have been clearer. We occasionally build updates in themes and they post in chronological order of when they are submitted. There was just a lot of Extreme and Hard content submitted recently. The Big updates where done to clear out a backlog and avoid breaking up sets of image submissions. We are currently building another regular image update for the public sections of the site to be posted tomorrow.

  6. that is so very cool.
    usually i hear ‘lion tattoo’ and become instantly in a trance-like state of mega-boredom. however, when you put it all like this-a-way… i could probably take a peek and not weep the tears of a great bit of subject matter gone retarded.

  7. thats realy wonderful…i couldn’t commit myself to such a huge back piece. kudos for being that brave…

    (CATURDAY!!!!! xD)

  8. I read somewhere that some rubber tappers (the people who have to collect latex from rubber trees) wear masks on the backs of their heads because tigers don’t like to attack from the front. This guy is totally tiger-proof.

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