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We saw her just the other day, but I thought it was about time we checked in with the lovely MeltBanana to see how her wild palm-print scarification (by Lukas) is healing. Up above is the piece six months in and, while I’d love to get a color photo at some point, this is coming along superbly.

And just like the sands of time, friends, another week has run itself down. What did we learn this time?

- Everybody likes girls in high heels with breast microdermals, the end.

- Chicago is way ahead of the curve, with some tattoo artists offering free cover-ups to people wanting to erase past gang affiliations.

- If you’ve got syndactyly, just cut them bitches apart. Or, alternately, get a cute tattoo.

- Hey, check out some readers’ book suggestions over here.

- The lovely Samar just can’t take a bad photo, suspending or otherwise.

- Tattoo Highway is the mountain-top of reality television, or something.

- Lionel slays, every time, without exception.

So that was fun! You know what happens next. We’ll pop in throughout the weekend and, provided Thomas Pendleton and crew don’t run me over with their bus, we’ll be back to full strength come Monday morning. Until then, have fun, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME.

19 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. This is… breathtaking.

    And, with the quality of the photo, it looks like it’s liquid on her skin.

  2. dear meltbanana(or clara if i may)
    i just wanted to express how amazingly beautiful this piece is. first off you couldnt have chosen a better artist to perforn this piece, as always Lukas has done a fantastic job, but more too the point, i am in complete awe of this, it being the hand of your husband is absolute perfection. it seems to me that this was made for you, made for your body and the hand looks as though it truely belongs on you which only makes it more beautiful. i wish i could have expressed what i feel about this better, im sorry its just perfect. (i hope you read this)

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