How I Learned To Dance

Good evening, ModBloggers! Hard to believe the weekend’s already over; I feel like I was just on a swing-set, enjoying the warmth, wearing my best sun dress, and tomorrow it’s back to the acid mines. Well, kick up your feet, folks—you deserve it. Whether you want to do so while on the toilet like Faith up there, well, that’s your call, I suppose.

Oh, you want to see a fuller shot of her tattoo work? Yeah, I can do that. Follow me, after the jump.

(Tattoo by Glenn Cole at Endless Boundaries in Ingersoll, Ontario. The design goes down both of her thighs and connects across her lower back; shading and color will be added shortly. These photos were taken by Chris Triance-Martin, and for more of Faith’s modeling, go here. Do it. Do it now.)

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21 thoughts on “How I Learned To Dance

  1. ace untill i saw dreads i mean honeslty ppl dreads anit shocking let alone look gd would u want them

  2. To #6 What does dreads have to do with this photos?

    I really love the first one, very mysterious, would she be colouring in the rest?

  3. I just keep thinking of that sink breaking and the porcelain shredding her legs to pieces….AHHHHHHHHHHH get down from there

  4. I find it incredibly ammusing that someone always finds something negative in EVERYTHING posted on modblog.

    #6: Saying you dislike these photos simply because the model has dreads is like saying you refuse to shop at kmart because their logo is red. Ridiculous. Especially since the first photo doesn’t even have her hair in it.

    As for her tattoo, it’s interesting. I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s neat. Will there be color in the future?

  5. Hey Maee, thanks for sending me the link for this!!

    Hello to everyone else! My name is Faith Rae, and I am the young lady in these photos.

    First off, I want to thank everyone for their kind compliments. =) You are so sweet!

    To the individual who dislikes my dreads – Good news buddy, I combed them out in April. Regardless, however, I don’t really care about what you think of my hair. I’m here for my mods.

    I noticed a lot of people have been asking whether or not I’ll be coloring the ink on my legs in… And the answer is yes! There has been too much financial strain for me to get around to it, but it WILL happen someday…

    Here is the image that inspired the color scheme I plan on doing:,0.jpg

    Oh yes and in case you are wondering WHAT my leg ink is… It’s scales! <3

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