The Game’s Worthwhile

Well, that was kind of a long day, was it not, folks? But you know something? You all stuck with it, and that, well…that’s a kind of temerity they don’t teach at school. Not usually, at least. Maybe at Brown, or something. But anyway! It’s the kind of performance that deserves, at the very least, a hearty high-five, and for my money, there’s no better candidate to dole out these smacks of good-will than Jamin up there, sporting, among other bits and pieces, that handsome palm tattoo by Anji at ?High Priestess in Eugene, Oregon, which was fresh when this picture was taken. Now, though? High-five away, fair ModBloggers, and all through the night. Until tomorrow.

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21 thoughts on “The Game’s Worthwhile

  1. Most attractive person EVER on ModBlog by far. 🙂 I like that stretched philtrums are catching on!

  2. I would *lovelovelove* to see some older palm tattoos. I’m seriously considering something like this but the one’s I’ve seen look so bad after a while. Like dirty hands. :/ aww. I hope this stays pretty.

  3. By far not the most attractive ever on ModBlog. Maybe without the DTM he’d be ok.

  4. i’m curious if the jewelry in the conch of his ear distorts the natural acoustics that are all up in there… would stuff sound weird/echo or whatever?

    also, very nice tattoo, i love the hair a LOT *crush*

  5. 6- Yeah, the nostrils are both all bloody. According to his IAM he got them done the same day. 🙂

  6. Glasses, curly hair, awesome mods. Perfect. Why oh why do I never see someone like this in my town?

  7. Heyyyyaaaa benny boy!!!

    We jut can’t keep him off modblog can we.

    If I recall, he got his nostrils punched the same day (hence the blood).

    Big fan of the hair too, beats the purple nanny-mullet!

    Poly+ben <3.

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