Share My Burden

Whoa hey, it’s been a minute since we’ve posted a truly gorgeous large-scale animal/nature tattoo, has it not been? Well, look no further, because this outstanding backpiece from the St. Petersburg Tattoo Convention will probably knock you right on your ass. Any ursinologists out there care to confirm the type of bear? It looks like a Kodiak to me, but ever since the American Zoological Society revoked my license, I’m legally prohibited from making such judgment calls in public.

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22 thoughts on “Share My Burden

  1. I sort of have a mixed response…on the one hand, it’s an amazing tattoo (my first impression). On the other hand, i realized that a lot of awesome tattoos, if you saw them printed on paper hanging on a wall, would be fairly cheesy/mediocre art. I mean, if this was on a poster instead of a guy’s back, it would be a pretty generic nature poster (I’m not saying ugly, just not terribly impressive.) Do tattoos get extra art points because it’s a harder medium to work with?

  2. They do get extra points in my opinion. Because to do THAT with a tiny needle going up and down TRILLION times is pretty damn impressive.

  3. #4 – I would consider this a great work of art even if it was a print on my wall. Absolutely.

  4. Suprised not more comments on this, its breath-takingly amazing.

    Number 4 does raise an interesting view point, but none the less i think it should get extra ‘points’ and its beautiful all the same

  5. So sick….. This one really caught my eye. It’s so nice and really detailed. I give it mucho extra points =]

  6. Not my taste, but the tattoo work is epic. It’s a beautiful back piece nonetheless 🙂

  7. Love the details. I wonder if a a photograph was used for direct reference for the whole tattoo? If not, major points.

  8. The light! Never seen such a light in another scenic tattoo!
    love it!

    Tattoos move and thus seem “more alive” than paintings. From my pov they work on another level.

  9. #4 I agree about the “hanging on the wall” – cheesy thing. I do think they get “different” points when they are fabulous tattoos. It’s not at all easy to capture a scene this well so yeah they’re “extra” points as well.

  10. if in another life, it became a poster, it probably would only be unimpressive because of the abundant amount of nature themed art out there, and no less because of artists skill. 2-d art is judged rather critically just because there is so much of it.

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