Right Out of the Bottle

And finally, folks, let’s wrap things up today with a tale of steampunk love, as told by Noah up there:

[This was] taken at Metrocon 2009 in Tampa, Florida, this past weekend. There was a steampunk theme to the whole convention, so naturally the better half and I went all-out for it. One of the notable differences between the two pictures (the other is currently the cover on BME) is that in the time between them, I (successfully) proposed to my fiancee on stage in front of an entire convention center full of anime and gaming fans. And, I got numerous comments all weekend both on the hair and piercings.

Productive weekend! Congratulations, Noah. And with that, have a good night, all—steampunks, crust-punks and non-punks alike. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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11 thoughts on “Right Out of the Bottle

  1. Very cool Noah! You are a Celeb now! hahaha Way to go man, Steampunk Wedding Proposal @ Metrocon FTW!

  2. I’d say no to a man who proposed to me in front of a crowd of others. What a breach of privacy.

    In other news, nice goggles.

  3. Why are the beautiful ones always taken? His new fiancee is a lucky woman. I wouldn’t kick him outta bed for eating crackers.

  4. This guy really knows how to dress with style, wish I’d find clothes like that!

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