Spear of Gold

Ahoy-hoy, ModBloggers! Here’s the latest offering from Marina Storme at Atomic Zombie, a glorious back-piece interpretation of a statue depicting The Ecstasy of St. Theresa, tattooed on none other than her own father. How great is that? Not to mention, I can’t think of a better way to fill the Marina-void while waiting for an update to this masterpiece.

It’s Tuesday, ModBlog—let’s melt all the ice in our heads.

15 thoughts on “Spear of Gold

  1. This is what back pieces are supposed to look like. Of course the original artwork itself is gorgeus as well. And I love the thick outlines combined with the gentle shading (you don’t see that so often with b&g pieces).

  2. I hate this.
    It disgusts me.
    i keep getting drawn to his crack.

    although the tattoo is mouth watering

  3. It may just be the art history nerd in me but this piece is so incredibly awesome and gorgeous that I think it may be dangerous for him to take his shirt off in public, lest any witnesses weep and faint in awe. The folds towards the bottom are making me a little misty-eyed already.

  4. freaking great tat, added bonus it looks like she is playing grab ass with him!!

  5. ohh i like the sculpture and i also like this, the halos are really nice

  6. O__O

    Last time you posted a piece by this artist, I was inclined to think I might have to consider an epic journey to have my chest piece done. Now I *KNOW* I have to. Her line work is incredible, very distinctive, and I really don’t have words for how beautiful this piece is.

  7. Fucking GORGEOUS. Im sure once finished it will be even more breathtaking.

    Anyone know where I can get quality work like this done around the Metro-Detroit area???

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