From Off To On

We’ll confess that the last photo of knifefight to be featured on ModBlog (this one) is one of our favorite pictures we’ve ever posted, so we were obviously excited to see her grace our inbox yet again. She’s got a slightly different look going on this time around, but you know what? We’re alright with that. Another striking shot from this set by photographer Jeff Hui, after the jump.

And hey, would you look at that, ModBloggers? It’s Friday, and not just for free-born men of the U.S.A.

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13 thoughts on “From Off To On

  1. She has really really skinny arms. And I think the three lower pedals on her arm in the first photo look really awkward

  2. i definitely don’t think this is ANTM material. but this is a beautiful shot…..and the makeup could of been better.

  3. I’m not so big on this blog anymore, but I <3 The Knife and you’ve alluded to one of their very best songs. Well done indeed :3

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  5. Beautiful photos!!! I love petals. Hers are delicately placed like when you rise from a bath full of petals and they are scattered all over your skin. Well done model & photographer! :)

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