This Is Why We Have A “DongBlog” Tag

I really don’t have a whole lot to add here: These are some of the greatest photos that have crossed my desk(top) in quite some time. Phil said they reminded him of an epic battle between creatures in a Japanese monster movie (Rodzilla vs. Ghidongra?), and I have to say, that’s a pretty astute observation. Hey, we like to have fun around here, and this—featuring a full bisection and another ostensibly on the way—is one hell of a fun photo set. We’ve got a few more after the jump, and there’s a gigantic gallery if you want to mosey on over to BME/hard.

See more in Firstluff (BME/HARD Bonus Galleries) (members only)

43 thoughts on “This Is Why We Have A “DongBlog” Tag

  1. Interesting photos..

    Not really my cup of tea though, i prefer my penis in one piece..

  2. Oh my god these guys would be absolute winners on Puppetry of the Penis.

    It’s a little bit odd and not entirely attractive to me, but definitely unique – and great to see a playful side to a pretty serious mod!

  3. the guy who has his penis split the farthest must have been big before he cut it because each piece looks like an average size penis!

    love these pictures. mmm.

  4. Yeeeeeeehaaa!

    I really like the second one.
    The evil headsplit-penis-monster tries to
    eat up the other one, but it has no teeth.


  5. ye…an epic battle between good and evil xD that really looks like a fun thing to do..i want a penis to split it :/

  6. I love the contrast between shaven/waxed down completely and not shaven at all.

  7. if my penis was split and each side was going its own way, i think i would wrap it up in string or something and keep them together sometimes.

  8. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s pretty sweet though.
    Never would I have thought it was possible to have a threesome with two people. A girl and a guy with a split penis. Double penetration. One dude.
    I think it could be a mod riddle 🙂

  9. OH, I wanna take a closer look at the hairless guy! He was HOT! And I love his Penis:)
    They do look good together, yey for monster penises!!!

  10. is it still possible to get a full erection with a split that big?
    ive always liked the idea of a bisection but never could find greatly detailed experiences with it

  11. This made my morning. I would like some godzilla/dinosaur sound clips to go with the pictures. Now I want to play with them.

  12. Paul, There’s a pic of him peeing in the Bonus section of bmezine extreme under the name: FIRSTLUFF. It’s pretty cool!

  13. Paul, Theres a pic of him peeing in his bonus section “FIRSTLUFF” in Bmezine Extreme. It’s pretty cool!

  14. that is the most disgusting thing i`ve ever seen on bme, cant believe it
    …ginger pubes….nooooo!

  15. You know everytime I see something like this all I can think is “How do you work that and comdoms?”

  16. Yes, gamaliel red. I`m Gamalielred too, and I`m accordingly with you. The little penis has lost the foreskin. I would like its owner explain us how was it. I have my penis splited too, but to mine I distroyed almos all my glans by roasting it with a canddle flame. I have some videos in bmezine, penectomy or glansectomy section. If anyone want me to tell my roasting experience I do it with pleasur.

  17. I wan’t same surgery!!!!

    Not soft modified hairy gy’s cock my idea, i want my cock same bare cocks modified. AMAZING WONDERFULL SEXY COCK, THIS IS GOOD IDEA NOT SILICON TITS!

  18. I find these pics VERY sexy! I am in the process of splitting my penis now,hope to one day have a full bisection & do something like this!

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