This Is Why We Have A “DongBlog” Tag

I really don’t have a whole lot to add here: These are some of the greatest photos that have crossed my desk(top) in quite some time. Phil said they reminded him of an epic battle between creatures in a Japanese monster movie (Rodzilla vs. Ghidongra?), and I have to say, that’s a pretty astute observation. Hey, we like to have fun around here, and this—featuring a full bisection and another ostensibly on the way—is one hell of a fun photo set. We’ve got a few more after the jump, and there’s a gigantic gallery if you want to mosey on over to BME/hard.

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The Penis Mightier

Well, I mean, if you can think of a better place to keep your pens, I’d love to hear it.

(That’d be Nuder Than Nude, playing with his new above-the-scrotum urethral reroute. There’s actually a really great discussion going on in the comments of the last urethral reroute post, with Nuder Than Nude at the center of it. Highly recommended reading.)

Door to Door and Right on Time

Look, if you’ve been reading BME for a while, you know there are all sorts of good reasons to get genital piercings. They look good. They feel good. You can hide candy in the holes. They make your junk breathable on hot summer days. They open up your sonic options immensely when you’re playing the spoons (*ping*). They’re conversation-starters at urinals. They render keychains useless, thereby saving you untold thousands of dollars every year. BUT, did you know they can also be valuable tools for self-defense? It’s true! At least, that’s ostensibly what M. up there is going for with his line of large-gauge scrotal piercings, stretched to be worn as an organic knuckle-duster. Wouldn’t want to get punched with one of those!

A close-up of this vicious weaponry, after the jump.

Guess What? “No Surprises” Edition

The ModBlog rule, from time immemorial, has been if you can’t tell what something is…it’s probably a penis. It’s a versatile appendage, after all. It can be sliced, flayed, twisted and contorted in a multitude of ways—almost all of which have been featured here at some point. With that in mind, we present this week’s installment of America’s fastest-growing vegetarian cuisine program, “Guess What?” Is it a penis? Probably. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to guess how it’s been manipulated! Especially since the first person to guess correctly will win a brand new car!*

*Offer not valid on earth or any of its colonies.

Inflame the Minds

If you’ve been around BME for a while…you almost surely know where this is going. A small, DIY, heart-shaped brand? C’mon…take a guess.

A couple of click-throughs, after the jump.

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