A Blue One and a Yellow One

Hello, ModBloggers! Let’s start the day off with this skin removal piece by Paulo Vitor, hanging out at Caos Body Art in sunny old Barra Bonita, Brazil, and, apparently, cheating at every game of Tic Tac Toe he possibly can. (More evidence after the jump.) Now, I’m not saying we need to question the integrity of body modification artists—not at all. Maybe just don’t turn your back on one during a game of strategy.

Welcome back, folks—we’ve got till noon, here comes the moon.

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9 thoughts on “A Blue One and a Yellow One

  1. ha ha what a great idea. i would have left it open to play with a friend…..or stranger. is the crosses in the second piece a branding (Hyfrecator)?

  2. i would have left it open too…but I’m curious about first guy’s scar above his navel! Wonder how he got that one.

  3. The scar around his navel looks like he had some intestine problems, seen something like that on mtv’s scarred. Some dude on scarred damaged his intestines and they did a cut like that around his navel to fix his intestines. That’s my theory.

  4. In response to first post ;
    “..and they all look just the same.”
    Awesome song
    Also nice piece

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