You Can Always Find a Party

“Hey Ginsberg,” the commenters asked, “where are all the attractive Russian guys on ModBlog? Are you hoarding them for winter? Do you have them stored in Matrix-esque pods, allowing you to live off of the hearty nutrients extracted from their bodies? Have you locked them in your basement, chained to a pole, forced to turn a crank that heats and provides energy for your home, for all eternity?” These are half-truths at best! See? Here is the dashing Enigmified, healthy as can be, straight out of Moscow, Russia. Big lobes, bright tattoos, bedroom eyes—what’s not to like?

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15 thoughts on “You Can Always Find a Party

  1. Adorableness! I love how the colors in his sleeve blend right in with the colors in the blanket or whatever he’s laying on.

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