Now This Is Just Wrong

I’ll admit that I was totally surprised when the last tattoo by Josh Weir we featured on here—which, if you’ll recall, featured a lady’s nether-regions covered in splatters of blood and semen—was not only not frowned upon, but, um, was actually pretty widely enjoyed by our readers. Clearly, this emboldened Mr. Weir, because he has now checked in with this piece done on his friend Allen—who he calls “a fucking trooper”—which…is kind of grisly, right? Then again, I was expecting him to get raked over the coals over his last offering and it ended up being a huge success. As we’ve determined in the past, I have no idea how you, the readers, will respond to pieces like this; this could get 300 comments of fawning praise, or Weir could be drafted to fight Mike Beer to the death inside Thunderdome. Neither would surprise me, honestly.

37 thoughts on “Now This Is Just Wrong

  1. oh great another post that means nothing by some guy with a small drop of maori blood – yaawwwnn

    anyway this tattoo is awsome! just perfect! please post more of this guys work

  2. oh and P.S. just so you all know there is not one single person the planet right now with full maori blood

  3. The content of the tattoo is reminiscent of a “troubled teen” illustration, one the teacher would see scribbled on the back of someone’s notebook and get sent to the guidence counseler.
    Did Jeremy, the one who Spoke In Class Today, draw this perhaps?
    Maybe we’re looking at this all wrong. Maybe this person’s mom molested them as a child.
    Perhaps his rage towards women is valid.
    The quality of the tattoo is nothing remarkable, I must say. Quite average, indeed.
    My world is not rocked.

  4. I’m unimpressed. Not just because the content seems misogynist, but the actual artwork is bad in my opinion. her face has barely any detail and that does not look like a vagina at all.

  5. I dont like the content overly, but the actual art itself is far worse. Bad tattoo imo. Sorry…

  6. i dont think the artist has seen a vagina or butt-hole before… it looks odd.

  7. What the fuck has this got to do with Maori shit? I assume someone’s baiting Jon P by using his name to post again. This tattoo is shit. You could do anything that’s attempting to be offensive and if it’s shit, it’s still just shit.

  8. I fully agree with #7 and #8. While I very much dislike the content, putting that aside, the tattoo is still poorly done.

  9. I guess it could have been shocking if there was any realism to it, but it’s just so bad! People have already commented on the face and ladybits, but look at that left leg and foot! I would not want any ink done by Mr. Weir, regardless of the subject matter.

  10. If I let someone have free reign over my body with a tattoo machine, and they did that – I wouldn’t be impressed. And neither would I be their friend either..

    Then again. I’ve seen far worse.

  11. Although I understand and enjoy the fact that BME is no place for censorship, these “pieces of art” seem very, very unacceptable to me, just like e.g. racist/white power tats. What is the purpose of these tattoos? Getting attention, showing off your idiotsy side. or both?

  12. Violence against women in never cool, but at least it’s just a tattoo. Regardless, it’s poor work so it’s not as offensive.

  13. so few people post links to their pages anymore it seems?

    well i like the concept of it.
    @26 violence against women is never cool…. but always funny. [email protected]

    but the execution doesnt suit me, the face is rather flat looking.

  14. “idiotsy” – spelling like this makes people get tattoos like that.

    At least it isn’t more goddamn tribal.

  15. heh itdiotsy is a good word…

    bad artwork, bad content, shit tattoo in general. i don’t see how anyone could appreciate that frankly, its a naked female corpse with her doo doo and who ha showing. These things make me wonder ever increasingly : whatever hapened to taste and style?

    i love it how people claim to love these tattoos because they are different and they love to see how other people react…. to me it’s a sad reflection of someones need to be noticed. in a way i hope this is the only reason for this tattoo… there is nothing beautiful, creative or artistic about this, and by god i hope it definitely isn’t expressive… i don’t want to exist in a society where people who feel the need to express this kind of thing.

  16. Oh, look, a shitty tattoo depicting violence against women. What art!
    Thank god Jordan fights THE MAN, there would really be a hole in my life if this hadn’t been posted.

  17. WHY does people wanna wear tattoos like this? Many people say “you’ll get a hard time getting a job if you have tattoos”
    Then what about this one? Is anyone ever gonna take this person serious with that?

    And yeah, like you say, it isn’t even executed well. Sad…

  18. yeah, NOT a fan of the woman-bashing tattoos. artsy or kitschy or whatever, it’s still fuckin’ dumb.

  19. thanks guys, i think I got this one too. I like the tattoo, it dosen’t need to be “amazing” and “perfectly executed” there are too many people that only have really good work. this is life, you win some you lose some, if you don’t have any shitty tattoos, fuck you.

    and #26….hurting women is always funny

  20. this is so awful. i don’t know why people get wound up about racism and homophobia but it’s perfectly fine to torture women. this is a picture of a female corpse, tortured and tied up. Whoo original, well done! Knob!

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