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If you’re wondering why this hulking back looks so familiar, it’s because it’s the reverse of this hunk from earlier in the week. Now, if you’re saying, “Hey, jerk, that’s much too small of a picture to truly enjoy the majesty of that fine work,” I couldn’t agree with you more—click on through for a full-size shot.

And just like the sands of time, another week etc., etc. What happened this time around?

- This handsome gent and his horrifying terror doll improved and destroyed the dreams of readers everywhere.

- We were able to make arguably the most excellent use of the “DongBlog” tag in recent memory.

- We caught a glimpse of the wonderful and intense projects that are Cookie’s implanted, tattooed and scarred arms.

- We suspect foul play regarding how handily these tic-tac-toe games were won.

- Kristina something something fall down convulse die happy the end.

- Nadyne made an awfully strong first impression on ModBlog with this great, intricate cutting by Timb Wilton.

- Oh, and BME Shop is full of awesome things.

And that’s that. You know what happens next: Everybody has a great weekend, we pop in here a few times, and then come Monday, the fun machine starts cranking out the hits yet again. Sound like a deal? Good. Until then, ModBloggers, enjoy yourselves, cheer on Frank Mir against the Minnesotan anger-bear Brock Lesnar and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME. We’ll see you soon.

7 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. His back is divine! Omgggg,

    So sexy. As long as I don’t see that cow, I’m good!

  2. Being deprived of on-line access [thanks to the wireless internet crapping out on me], it’s nice to be able to come to ModBlog and have such an amazing image be the first thing to greet me.

  3. I know this is totally the wrong spot, but i’m trying to register for Ask BME cause I got a question I really need to ask and well it won’t let me.

    Any help? :P

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