Never Been a Paper Bag

Ahoy-hoy, ModBloggers! Hope the weekend found you well, that all your UFC-related dreams came true and that you were all able to get on top of your respective wives and whatnot. Anyway, let’s start our week off with a handsome portrait of the bright-eyed and bushy-topped Steven here (last seen during an extreme close-up), featuring some fine piercing work (mostly) by none other than your friend and mine, Ryan Ouellette at Precision Body Arts in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Welcome back, folks, and tonight the skies will open for you.

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19 thoughts on “Never Been a Paper Bag

  1. LMFAO Jordan! Nice shot at Lesnar – UGH I hate him, he’s such an ass and lacks a single ounce of sportsmanship – same with Henderson; I swear, UFC is becoming so… dramatic. THREE CHEERS for St. Pierre and his AWESOME-NESS!

    Nonetheless, awesome hairstyle! :)

  2. What makes the picture, I’d say, is the Twilight calendar and the pink heart clock in the background.

    I also want to say that he has a dtm. ;D

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