A Children’s Treasury of Dead Celebrity Tattoos

As everybody knows, celebrities have been dying constantly lately, because they are probably under attack or particularly susceptible to some sort of terrible monster flu that we lesser folks are not important enough to be murdered by or something along those lines. BME has been doing its best to keep tabs on these doomed creatures and the grotesque memorial tattoos that follow, but holy smokes did we just hit the mother lode, as Jeremiah at Good Life Tattoos & Piercings in Akron, Ohio, just wrote in to inform us that Brian McFadden, also of Good Life, has just done a series of portraits of our favorite recently deceased famous people, and, sure enough…he has, indeed.

First up is noted auto-erotic asphyxiation-enthusiast David Carradine, seen above as a grasshopper, because, hey, why the hell not, with a conveniently placed rope in case you didn’t get the joke already.

As luck would have it, there is nothing particularly vulgar about this Farrah Fawcett piece, aside from the masturbation insinuation, which…yeah, we guess that is still pretty crude, now that we think about it.

Say hey, Billy Mays! We’re not entirely sure why he’s on a cupcake but at least he isn’t beating off.

As we discussed previously, we think the jury is still out on the acceptability of pieces of art portraying ol’ MJ as a dead person. This would typically be a pretty cut-and-dry case, but seeing as he shot to international fame largely due to a video in which he played a damn godless zombie, well…you can see our dilemma. Whatever, we’ll allow it.

And finally, the dead celebrity who started it all, Academy Award-winner Heath Ledger, seen here as the murderous Joker, albeit crossed, for some reason, with Krusty the Klown, who, as far as we know, is not a murderer (yet?). In conclusion, hopefully this will be the end of the untimely deaths of celebrities, points of light among us to whom we should aspire to be, the end.

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28 thoughts on “A Children’s Treasury of Dead Celebrity Tattoos

  1. just to inform you all i am the lucky person who got the David Carradine piece, and its hilarity will never cease to stop

  2. the Michael one with “i’m dead” under it made me burst out laughing about how blunt it is. hahaha

  3. Are you serious with the Billy Mays tattoo? Is a guy who was in a couple of commercials really so important to someone?

  4. That Farah Fawcett one is brilliant. The whole subliminal image thing with the flipped part didn’t appear to me at first.

  5. This site will always be a godsend to me as something to point the people who don’t understand my boring tattoos towards.

    The idea that these pieces of artwork even exist as concepts, let alone something that people would commit bits of their skin to, gives me hope that the world is an alright place to be in.

    God bless you hilarious bastards.

  6. does the david one look a bit like christopher walken? i think it does. but hell, amazing, all the same! and seriously, i wish that was my skin adorned by michael and the glorious “im dead.”

  7. is it just me or are all of these really poorly done, and the faces all asymmetrical?

  8. Candice – I totally agree with you they look like they were done poorly especially due to the quality that used to come out of that shop when Scott and Samantha were there. And While I think Jesse (the other artist there) is a phenomenal artist, I think maybe Brian needs to work on his human faces some more.

  9. I totally agree with Matt

    That top photo, though sort of shitty artwise, is absolutely bizarre and hilarious

    The rest are okay, none of them are exactly well done, but they’re all pretty funny, especially the MJ one.

  10. Thanks for the perspective, Matt (@#12) ! I was gonna comment on how crappy the faces are on these tats — but you are right. The glorious hilarity of these pieces of art are a celebration of some very interesting lives – and the artists who brought them to ‘life’ – and worthy of our praise!

    Well done, ladies & gents. Well done.

  11. i think there supposed to be crappy as far as the faces go these i think are meant to look like old school/traditional flash style tattooes, hence the line drawing style to them, i do not think the people who are wearing these were hoping or ever looking for a lets say mike devries piece ha

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  13. “due to the quality that used to come out of that shop when Scott and Samantha were there.”

    Ahahahahaha you MUST be joking! As a loyal customer I’ve spent quite a bit of time at Goodlife. Scott fucked up numerous tattoos including someones hand! He shook like a person that had parkinsons. Although I will say his paintings are awesome. As for Samantha her tattoos are just plain awful. I’ve seen that girls portfolio and she has 2 good tattoos in the entire book. I feel bad for everyone else she butchered. The guys at goodlife are awesome and it was a good business move to fire both Scott and Sam…even better nobody had to listen to Samantha complain of fake illnesses.

    Yay for Brian! Yay for Goodlife!

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