Eternal Verities

Oh, hello! Welcome back, ModBloggers, on this fine Thursday. Let’s kick things off with our old friend, The Mighty Dannzilla, showing off some healed 12-gauge punched nostrils, a wry smile and that fancy Hyphy hat! There is literally nothing I am less qualified to discuss than Bay Area dance phenomena, so I will simply implore you all to get stupid and mercifully leave it at that.

The week is winding down, folks, and we’re moving in inches now.

(Nostril punches by Cyrus Rhine at Cold Steel America in San Francisco, California.)

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14 thoughts on “Eternal Verities

  1. he should get RADICAL tattooed on his forehead……unless facial tattoos aren’t cool yet….i dont know

  2. his page says 12g nostrils as well, so it must not be a typo.
    looks like those are glass plugs…….

    …. but why punched???? that small?!

  3. Yes I realize I look duderific in this photo, I work at a custom printing shop and the hat was just my coworker and I just fuckin around making goofy stuff. It’s hyphy cause the bright color combinations. My nostrils are indeed at a wee little 12g we decided to punch them so they’d heal happier and faster. The piercer had experience piercing nostrils and other cartilage with needles and stretching and wasn’t happy with how consistently the tissue got angry and had a longer heal time. My schnozz was happy and perfect after about a week and a half.

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