How Do You Turn A Phrase?

Hey hey, it’s our old pal Mandic, checking in to show off his bearded clam! Wait, what? Oh, ha, it’s just a tattoo, not the actual sea creature/crude term for delightful female genitalia. Phew! As you can see, it’s conveniently placed in his armpit, so as to allow for maximum hilarity when his normal human hair grows back in, thus extending the “beard” and warming the cockles of our hearts. Let’s remember, though, that this is the same traitor who hates cheese, so let’s not go congratulating and back-slapping each other on a well-executed joke just yet. Ye olde procedural shot, after the jump.

(Tattoo by Frankie G. at Tattoo Marks Studio I in Souderton, Pennsylvania.)

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18 thoughts on “How Do You Turn A Phrase?

  1. I can’t get over the idea of you raising your hand in a classroom and then having to explain this to the class.

    “Alan? Can you explain to the class what that is a tattoo of?”

    “Um… an… um… Bearded Clam ma’am.”

    “There class. I hope you understand that tattoos can be a good showing of our passions and hobbies, like Alan’s homage to mollusks, and not always crude images referencing sex or portraying women as objects. Thank you for teaching us something Mr. Mandic.”

    “Uh… sure.”

  2. Randy is quite aware I am not in school dear.

    However if I find myself in a class setting again, I will make sure to be shirtless and raise my left hand… I mean not like it is so odd for me to be minus clothing.

  3. Is that your nipple?
    Please say that it is not.
    I’m going to have nightmares about misplaced nipples now, I know I am.
    It’s all the way to the side!
    Nipples don’t go there!
    That’s not where nipples reside!
    Tell it to go back.
    Tell it right now.

  4. Ha, that is in fact my nipple. I guess how I am stretched out it is off to the side. My nipples are kind of far off to the sides as is, ha.

  5. Of course. There is some stubble now that itches so much sometimes. So shouldn’t be a long time until it is good and bushy, ha.

  6. dude, all of your tattoos have shitty line work. That Frankie guy is not doing you any favours. Like your Macgiver and LeeLou tattoos? yeah…

    I am a big fan of hilarious tattoos, as long as they are properly executed.

  7. How is the linework shitty? I must be missing something. MacGyver wasn’t done by Frankie, so there goes there. Not all of my tattoos are him either, ha. I am usually pretty critical of linework, and while I can find spots that aren’t amazing, almost all of my stuff is intended to be old school. The linework isn’t mean to be spot on as amazing as it can be. The tattoo on my right arm by Bowery Stan has the same linework styles as every other tattoo I have.

  8. Nopantsdance: please put up or shut up. Link to images of your tattoos or tattoos you’ve done and show us how wonderful solid linework really is.

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