Phlegmatic In Stature

Hey, it’s Anthony, the pride of Lompoc, California, hanging out on what appears to be the surface of the moon, smiling up at what must be some sort of high-tech space camera, showing off his 1 5/8″ lobes, eight-gauge labrets and microdermal philtrum, to say nothing of his fine old-school nautical forearm tattoo. Lookin’ good, fella.

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23 thoughts on “Phlegmatic In Stature

  1. Whats wrong with a microdermal philtrum? I mean I personally like the real thing, but hey this way no risk of tooth or gum damage

  2. To 5 & 7- I’d like to know why as well. I’ve not had any gum damage from mine ,but maybe his case is different. Enlighten us!

  3. Are you sure those are only 1 5/8″? They look bigger to me.. or he has really small ears (the rest of them, I mean)

    He looks like a modified Zac Efron 😀 *approves*

    And as for the microdermal debate – that’s what they were originally intended for, at least that’s how all our suppliers tried to sell us them, back in the very early days before they went ‘main-stream’, they were to be the new way to pierce lips without the damage to teeth and gums which can result from badly placed piercings or metal jewellery. It never really caught on, so everybody quickly realised that you could stick these little things everywhere..

  4. A+ to jordan for choosing one of my favorite volta songs…

    ummm as for the microdermal philtrum, its more of just a “why the hell not?” situation… it IS rather comfortable, plus I already have a lot clicking around on my teeth. I have no preference either way, i just had 2 extra anchors lying around after yanking my “lowbrets”, and thats where I put one…

    and to saara, yes they are only 1 5/8″ haha… the earskins just make em look a bit bigger…

  5. I completely agree with Saara, my immediate thought was a modified Zac Efron.

    He’s gorgeous!

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