They All Look Alike

“What’s it like to be me? Well, there are some perks. I live in Antarctica, so it’s usually pretty quiet — lets me get a lot of reading done, you know? Lots of open spaces, so, you know, plenty of room to move around, never really fall behind on my work-outs, and really, I can definitely use some time in the gym. Ha, just kidding, that’s just my self-deprecating humor, which I actually think is one of my better qualities. Oh, also, I can shoot fucking laser beams out of my eyes and I am nature’s most perfect killing machine.”

(This awesomeness is featured on JulesPlanetThree, and is by Marcus Dove at Smiling Buddha in Savannah, Georgia, who came up with this design to “cheer up” Jules, and she liked it so much it became the basis of a sleeve.)

20 thoughts on “They All Look Alike

  1. Oooooh…do I see a fragment of Shelley Jackson’s skin project on this gentleman’s wrist? I’m part of it…but still waiting for my word to come…

  2. That is so cool. I’d love to know the story behind it, why the wearer decided on that particular design…

  3. Wow. I really think you’re reading too far into the shape of what are clearly bad-ass penguin-eye-lasers.

  4. don’t forget that marcus “the mutilator” dove also deserves a lot of credit for his 7-0 undefeated MMA record. that guy’s clinch is SCARY!

  5. The design just came from my love of penguins and Jeremy Fish designs. I showed marcus his new book online and went to get us some coffee and came back to this quirky drawing I couldn’t resist. And yes they are just lightning bolts….I didn’t realize the resemblance until later…but just lightning bolts…I in no way hold those types of views…in fact I’m about as far away from that as possible. There will be more to this soon and Marcus appreciates all your lovely comments so if you are ever in Savannah you should pay him a visit.

  6. awesome!.

    just today i told my g/f i wanted to change my name to Deathray Apricot Penguin – now i can explain to her why with pictures rather then words…

  7. the skulls remind me of that place in rome or whatever made of human bones.

    Good to know this isn’t a neo-nazi thing, now I like it a whole lot more. Penguins are my favorite animal. When I was 12 I had a phrase my friend and I came up with, “P.R.T.W.” (Penguins Rule The World). We wrote it all over a dusty abandoned car and the cops showed up and we got in trouble because we were on private property.


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