Liberty’s Teeth

Ha ha, he’s alright, folks! Anarkhos up there was just engaging in some harmless gunplay—nothing about which to worry! Look, he’s even taking the proper precautions and covering his ears, so as not to damage his precious hearing. The brains, sure, an unfortunate bit of collateral damage, but hey, he seems pretty happy, right? (Just say yes—he’s got a gun!)

(Tattoos by Rodney at Smitty’s Place in Bremerton, Washington.)

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26 thoughts on “Liberty’s Teeth

  1. Chase, you are awesome! And I miss all you bremerton folks and your crazy antics!!!!

  2. That is so amazingly awesome!

    I love it! Sometimes you just need to blow your brains out! 🙂

  3. I noticed I had a lot of people on my tracker via offsite link again. I’ll get the finished color work in a week or two.

  4. funny as hell, looks like the tattoo was nicely done as well, it sucks how many good ideas get sunk by shitty execution…..damn Jon P…internet trolls can be really annoying but that post is cracking me up for some reason

  5. I love how his hair kinda looks like blood blowing out of his head too 😉
    This whole design made me laugh. Brilliant.

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