Mount The Stump

And here we have aloewishes, hanging out in his natural habitat (or at least a fair approximation at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, Illinois), scoping out the goods on this big old prehistoric leaf and showing off dots of flesh removal beneath the eyes, two-inch lobes, a two-gauge philtrum, six-gauge nostrils and more. More photos of our hero in the wild, after the jump.

It’s Thursday, ModBloggers—all around, oh all around.

(Nostril punches by Kevin Jump.)

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28 thoughts on “Mount The Stump

  1. Pretty! And I’m loving the nostrils.
    There’s a park right behind my house and nothing like that ever hangs out there. Ever =(

  2. What is likely creeping you out is a reflection of how odd I feel while being photographed.
    The presence of a camera is unsettling. Such a poweful instrument, such vulnerable moments.
    A robot that records visual data.
    I guess it’s no big deal, really.
    THEY just kind of creep ME out.
    And the “THEY” are the cameras.
    So what you are seeing in my aversion to the camera or in my complacent gaze is intense retrospection, hesitation, toil and conflict, and then, ultimately, surrender.
    And that’s right where my mug meets you.
    Kind of like when you walk into someone’s bedroom unannounced and can just sense they’ve recently masturbated and had a rather powerful orgasm.
    Maybe like a, ” Oh, I really wish you weren’t here right now so I can bask in all the hormonal explosions happening in my body, but oh what the hell, I’m tripping on endorphins and tantric bliss.”

  3. The first picture reminded me a lot of Ringo Starr playing the mock turtle in the 1985 version of Alice in Wonderland. I like the pictures myself.

  4. “What is likely creeping you out is a reflection of how odd I feel while being photographed.
    The presence of a camera is unsettling. Such a poweful instrument, such vulnerable moments.”

    amazing…still creepy

  5. I’m not as young as you think.
    And they’re smile creases.
    All Saddhus have them.
    I love how bodies age and seemingly relinquish the struggle to self replicate.
    When the body is no longer “fuckable” then perhaps ascension is more likely.

  6. I am utterly disgusted by your pretentious elitism. If you are that unsettled by cameras, don’t have your picture taken. You’re not an “artist”, you’re not profound. Bottom-line, get over yourself.

    p.s. a camera is not a robot, genius.

  7. not to be too forward, but I think your body will remain “fuckable” for a very long time.

  8. Actually Anthony the lines you are referring to are not Marionette lines but rather nasolabial folds.
    Marionette lines start from the corner of the mouth and point downward towards the chin. Many people call them frown lines.
    If you’re going to be shitty, at least be accurate. It will lend your criticism more validity.
    What IS a robot? Enlighten us oh bitter one.
    Funny how all the negative comments are from males.
    Alpha syndrome?

  9. kevin-leave him alone. he’s not hurting anybody with his space cadet antics.

  10. modblog is not the place to act like a jerk… so the fuck what if he happens to speak eloquently? shall he type all in shorthand, instead? nothing wrong with meandering a bit.

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  12. I love the scarf & the plugs look awesome on you, I feel the same about cameras its pretty intrusive & it makes me self concious & as well,I want to freeze when I have my picture taken. & it doesnt really show the persons true essence I dont think ..but these are great & you’re very photogenic.I really love the first pic with the plants/leaf.Cheers!

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