I Could Fix That

And here we have the alleged “Pikku,” clearly disobeying doctors’ orders and making some silly face that will probably stick like this, but hey, at least we get to see—among many fine-lookin’ upper and lower lip piercings, of course—a nicely healed DIY tongue split, done over the course of a month and a half with nothing more than a piece of yarn. Somewhere in the distance, Richard Dean Anderson is standing on top of a mountain, staring blissfully into a glorious sunset, gently nodding his approval.

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45 thoughts on “I Could Fix That

  1. what the hell is that crust on her face?
    and rings in upper lip piercings make me want to slam my head in the desk.

  2. I was actually wondering that myself. Maybe something like using it like sandpaper and wearing the center of the tongue down? No, probably not actually.

  3. if the tongue was pierced first then tied from the pierced hole to the tip and slowly tightened over time as it ‘widened’ then finally separated at the end to complete the split – would that be how it was done?

  4. usually it’s fishing line that’s used, yarn is interesting though, maybe less painful, since I’ve always heard the tying diy method is super painful.. that looks like a lot of potential teeth/enamel damage w/ all those cbrs…

  5. do u really think this is a gd image the nose 2 ear chain hmmm yes u look gd

    hahah really?……….

  6. I think that crust is possibly dried semen? I didn’t even notice the tongue split because of those upper lip rings, they’re awfully distracting and they offend my puritan sensibilities.

  7. This whole picture is driving me fucking crazy.
    all the little crusties on her face, and then
    whats going on with that mascara,
    or whatever the shit it is.

    oh, and not to mention what looks like
    gnarly ass nose hairs?

    i’m not gonna knock on the piercings though,
    even if i do think they look ridiculous.

  8. fml…is there a reason people shouldn’t wear CBRs in their upper lips? I’m just curious, is all – haven’t seen it done much so maybe it shouldn’t be done…?

    I like the positioning of that cheek piercing too, that’s something else I haven’t seen before.

  9. Wow, and now I remember why I stopped reading the comments on ModBlog about a month after the management switchover. I’m starting to believe all those people bitching about this place going to hell. Why are you all such spiteful assholes?

  10. I’m totally agreeing with VentureSister.

    Also, this is such a nice picture, nice mods – nothing to hate!

  11. First of all, we totally agree with VentureSister. Shannon didn’t like that sort of shit!

    But anyway. This is how it was done. Sini used to have 2 tongue piercings. We started wit a very strong piece of yarn looped through the two holes and tightend it over time till it was worn through. After that we did the same with the front/tip of the tongue. It didn’t hurt at all (wasn’t really comfortable, but not really painful).

    About the crusties… this is due to some sort of dry spots that appear on the skin sometimes. It’s not that bad, but there seems to be nothing we can do about it, it goes away on it’s own eventually and runs in the family.

    About the “nose hair”. That’s not fucking nose hair, it’s taken shortly Sini got punched on the nose by accident by my daughter and it was still a bit crooked., so stop whining.

    And my piercings have never bothered Sini at all, it’s all possible ;)

    And yes it’s a nostril2ear chain she wears 24/7.

    And the ‘things’ in her ear are pieces of perspex pipe.

    She ain’t here to impress any of you assholes.

    Happy now?

  12. I also thought it was a guy – nothing Pikku (tiny, or small – in Finnish at least) about her piercings!

    I’m loving the big-ass spikes and the unusual cheek piercing. Do want to sit her down though and fix all the wonkies – the septum is totally lopsided and if you’re gonna wear so many BCRs, at least have them all with the same ball size and preferably all the same size as well if you can.

  13. I would hate to see what this pic looked like in color.

    cool piercings but those are gonna leave some wicked scars when she takes them out.

    maybe she just woke up and that’s drool around the piercings..not sure.

    But none the less clean yourself up a little before you post your pic for the world to see.

  14. Oh your god..
    First of, I just wanted to upload some photos since I’m happy about my tongue being done.

    I didn’t CHOOSE to be on modblog (No offence, thank you so much Jordan, how did you ever know I like MacGyver?? ^^, ) nor am I some supermodel who manages to be oh-so-picture-perfect on every picture, I’m a human being with my flaws and stuff! (Didn’t notice the dry spots on my face, lock me up and throw away the key! :D:D )

    At least I’m not one of those people who slap a tin of bodyfiller on their faces to be accepted by a bunch of people who demand perfection from everyone and – thing.

    I always PRESUMED that modblog was about bodyart, not dissing someone off because they have a skin-condition..didn’t choose for it, so shit off…

    If you don’t like my style, fine. At least have the courtency to keep your traps shut.

    Seriously, it makes me sad how much free time some idiots have..go burn some ants or something…

  15. @ mommyhastattoos : For your information, I have no intention whatsoever of taking out these piercings. And even so it’s surely none of your beeswax what I do with MY face…

    I’m pretty sure tattoos leave even nastier scars when removed… Just saying…

    Thanks for the “warning” though.

  16. I think everyone with negative comments just got bitch slapped for what mod blog is supposed to be… Haha.

    I think fair do’s to the girl for having the guts to get all this stuff done :)

    And i’m amazed by the yarn tongue splitting, awesome.

  17. 1) what’s the crusty stuff on her face?
    2) what’s up with all that crap in her face?
    3) who taught her how to use mascara?
    3) what’s up with the face?

  18. Chad,

    1) what’s the crusty stuff on her face? A skin condition, as was already answered.
    2) what’s up with all that crap in her face? Modifications, pretty obvious really, hence ‘mod blog’.
    3) who taught her how to use mascara? I don’t think people really are taught how to apply mascara to their eye lashes.
    3) what’s up with the face? It’s probably the face she was born with, everyone has a different face, unless they’re an identical twin or what not. Oh and she’s also pulling a face, for fun. Do you want me to define the word fun too?

    ps. You prick.

  19. I think this lady is gorgeous, all those beautiful mods! Love the cheek piercing, cool placement.

    But I couldn’t believe I some of the shit I was reading up there. Seriously guys?

    PikkuSini you fuckin rule and owned the shit out of these fuckers

  20. 1) gross
    2) she can help not looking like she ate a brillo pad out
    3) then she needs to be taught
    3) I was wondering if her face had been through any trauma.

    ps. are you upset because you’re ugly too?

  21. Chad, do you know what body modifications are? This isn’t a beauty pageant. It’s about the mods.

    Whether i’m ugly or not doesn’t really come into it. Lets face it, you probably aren’t that great. And, if you are, you definitely aren’t a great person on the inside.

  22. “Oh your god..”
    Lol, I used to say this all the time. I live in a very christian town, and the reactions to that simple edit in a common phrase had amazing entertainment possibilities.

    Also: lay off, assholes. WTF happened to modblog? It didn’t used to be this way. Nearly all the comments here were negative. If you don’t have legitimate reasons for saying something, why the fuck would you say it? You’d never be able to back yourself up.
    Just ignore the photo if you don’t like it. Or simply say it’s not your cup of tea, instead of picking on every little thing that you think is wrong with her face. She clearly likes it, and I’d love to know why you think she gives a shit about your opinion?
    Kudos for doing your tongue split yourself, and I’m glad you did it safely, instead of just slicing it open without knowing what you’re doing. Sadly, I’ve known people end up in the ER because they thought kitchen scissors were a good way to effect a split. Eh, people are dumb.
    Anyway, the point off my post is, congrats on the tongue split! And all you whiney bitches: FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO THAN PICK ON OTHER PEOPLE.

    PS – Most people I know call the piercing at the corner of the mouth a “Dahlia”. I’m sure this is slang, but I can’t for the life of me locate the proper name for it. Anyone know?

  23. Thanks for answering my ques’, Lilee. I was wondering if it hadn’t been lost in the shuffle ^^;

  24. I think she looks awesome :)love the piercings and love unique piercing on the side :)

  25. what the fuck is wrong with you people? writing this stupid ass shit here. grow up will ya

  26. wow, modblog has TRULY gone to shit.
    great pic, great mods. i like it.
    too bad this place has become overrun with morons.

  27. personally i think this is one of the best sets of mods iv ever seen fuck all you people who think it looks bad
    its actually extremely close to what i wanna have in the way of mods

  28. wow, i cant beleive that some of you would bag on her for her modifications. if you really have a problem, deal with it yourself instead of putting her down. her modifications are amazing and all you fuckfaces need to get a life. it’s her own thing. i’m sure no one puts you down for wearing stupid fucking hollister and flipflops with your jeans (guys *cough cough*) but seriously. get a life. no need to put her down for it.

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