The Greatest Thieves

What’s that, ModBloggers? You want to see a picture of a stunning redheaded cellist named Samantha with one hell of a pretty floral three-quarter sleeve? As always, dears, we’re happy to oblige you. Oh? You’re wondering if we have a black and white photo of this lovely woman’s back tattoos? We do, indeed!

(Sleeve by Phil Freitag at Sabbath Tattoo, F-Holes by Majenta at Top Tattoo.)

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41 thoughts on “The Greatest Thieves

  1. awesome lol my ex has f-hole tats too! heheh what a kneeslapper….. very beautiful tats

  2. Wow.
    That one really got me.
    I’d love to see a closeup of the bracelet.

  3. hahaha nah there is nothin wrong with missin the f holes, imagine if we had the same chick !

  4. **sigh**

    This is simply stunning…….do we know who did that sleeve? It is so beuatiful. Love the f holes too… classy!

    This girl is simply gorgeous as well 😉

  5. all you red heads said you shred the cello, and i’m jello baby- el scorcho, weezer

  6. Those have got to be some of the most beautiful tattoos I’ve seen on here, plus she’s cellist, which is always awesome.

  7. 1. She is absolutely gorgeous. I love redheads. And cellists.

    2. I freaking love her f-hole tattoo.

    3. Does that last bit sound dirty to anyone else?

  8. One of the most artistically beautiful pictures [and subjects] I have seen as of late.

  9. I love the organic way the sleeve ends unlike a lot of sleeves that end with a sterile curve or straight line.

  10. can we get a close up of the Sleeve, it looks incredible
    and another photo of Samantha would’nt hurt either 🙂

  11. I found this picture through searching Tumblr for sleeve designs.

    Beautiful tattoos, organic and understated considering the size… thinking about getting f-holes on my forearms or small ones on my wrists?? (Don’t think I’d go through with a sleeve!!!)

    Any sites with Samantha’s music on? I’m intrigued now…

  12. Hey…thanks to all, I keep this stuff under wraps 95% of the time (the classical world is unforgiving and behind the times), it means a lot to me to see that other people appreciate it. No website as of yet- I had this shoot done so I can get one moving in the near future. Once I’m settled into graduate school and producing more music, I’ll start going more public… I’ll be in Chicago, so if any of ya have friends in the SP, let them know your cellist friend wants in 😉 Again- so much love. I want to get my other arm done once I’ve put a dent in my cello payments and hopefully have some good-paying gigs.

  13. Not going the usual musician route nowadays – Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc. Are you thinking a similar design on the other arm, or will it just be a flash of inspiration when you walk in to the shop?

    The classical world maybe a bit “formal” but you’ll never find an audience to perform to where they are all un-inked, unpierced, undyed/bleached etc.

    Would be cool to hear some music when its available. All the best

  14. i also am a cellist with tattoos and i think that me and this girl were meant for each other =]]

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