Great is the Hand

I just assumed this was a Lionel Out Of Step piece when I first saw it, but no! Bested again! This chest tattoo, belonging to kipich, was in fact done by Montreal’s own Yann Black at Glamort. I love tattoos that are creative with their use of space, so this? This really does it for me, not to mention the sleeve and the scarification. High marks all around.

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42 thoughts on “Great is the Hand

  1. j’ai reconnu le style tout de suite. il est vraiment super yann.
    j’adore, c’est superbe :)

  2. Oh lordy!

    Now playing the devils advocate. I love this ‘style’ myself being a long time fan of Lionel. But this reminds me that a while ago one of my tutors mentioned the simplistic trend in modern illustration was due to a breakdown in the teaching of classical life drawing. Discuss?

    It’s an aesthetic that I have long been in love with. But how does it match up against classical realism? There is surely no less skill in abstractly compositing a piece of such beauty as this. As just a novice in the world, both hyper realism and this stylised piece seem no less out of reach.

    My conclusion is that the Renaissance vs. Abstract don’t necessary subtract from each other’s vision, their language is just different.

    Thank you ModBlog

  3. I have to say that this has to be in one of my top 3 most liked mod combinations.
    They all look amazing and incorporate some of my favorite styles.
    Awesome job.

  4. This may be what renews my interest in chest tattoos. Nice to see something clean and simple as opposed to these huge, busy (imo) chest pieces. Well done artist and wearer.

  5. i love yann black’s work… now that he is in north america, maybe someday i will be tattooed by him. xcrossesfingersx

  6. This is one of the most gorgeous tattoos/mod combos I have seen. Totally loving how the simplicity makes it pop!

  7. brilliant!!! I absolutely love it! the inclusion of numbers, the way it relates to his other body work, it’s perfection! why can’t more people be this amazing?

  8. This is fantastic. The line quality looks flawless and the solid colours don’t have a single missing splotch. I’d love to see some upclose shots of this and more of the sleeve.

  9. This is really cool and different. Nice work BME you deliver. Jordan please continue to post many wonderful different and delicious tats.

  10. @#20 TKO where have you been all my life?? That seriously cracked me up soooooo much, or should I say it opened my crack….

  11. Why? Why?? Why?!?!!!!!
    Yann go home, France need you ;))
    Fabulous chest!

    C’est rare de voir du taf de Yann sur Bme, bonne initiative!

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