My Midnight Labors

You begged. You pleaded. You dropped to your knees and prayed for it. (Or maybe you just mentioned it twice in the comments.) Whatever the case may be, your calls have been answered, and nobody is happier than we are to have Casual Fridays back! Today, as you can see, is a gentleman with a rather intense deep shaft piercing caught swingin’ in the breeze. And by “swingin’ in the breeze,” of course, I mean, “in possession of a deadly weapon.”

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See more in Deep Shaft Piercing (Male Genital Piercing) (members only)

27 thoughts on “My Midnight Labors

  1. “Swinging in the breeze”? Jordan, I think you meant anchoring a ship.
    …now onto clubbing baby seals with that

  2. that is one very nice looking piece of equipment! I would like to see MORE of this fellow and his nuts and bolts!

  3. 18, incidentally that is the name of a completely unfamous porno.

    That’s a pretty intense piece of jewellery though.

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