Scratch A Lover

Hey, you all know the rules—Wednesday is Wangday here on ModBlog! Today’s entry into the pantheon is the music aficionado you see above, sporting an 11 mm. Prince Albert piercing through which he has threaded his standard issue Apple iPod earbuds and then proceeded to Midori himself nicely up with the rest of the cord. (For the completists, the iPod itself seems to be playing Finger Eleven’s “I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague.”) Warning: Neither BME nor Apple officially endorse this use of Apple products, and such use may void one’s warrantee.

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24 thoughts on “Scratch A Lover

  1. Furthermore I am disappointed that there are not more entires tagged as ‘We are totally getting sued’.

  2. FFS, what am I?, like the only guy that hangs around here that doesn’t have a large cock :S
    I wouldn’t put an ipod anywhere near my balls though.

  3. #7… “please shave?

    To each their own, I happen to actually like a little pubic hair. I mean it’s not like he’s covered in thick black Italian fur!!!

  4. argh! im never borrowing anyones ipod again after seeing this!!!! hahahaha too much free time…

  5. Oh, finally a good sized dick on ModBlog. No offense to BMEziners meant, but seriously…it’s about time.

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