Bend Up Every Spirit

Oh, what’s this, now? Some young turk, calls himself Will, trying place himself as the heir to the Babasom throne, hmm? With his septum at 18 mm., this gent out of São Paulo can clearly fit a finger in there, but will he challenge the reigning champion with various feats of septum pluggery? Only time will tell. Another photo, after the jump.

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7 thoughts on “Bend Up Every Spirit

  1. didn’t your mama teach you not to put your fingers up your nose? 😛 [2]
    Uiiiiiiiiiiiiu ta fodão saindo no modblog *-*

  2. 18mm is a wee bit off from babasom’s 28mm but he is closer than my 9/16″ and hopefully in time i will be close to babasom cuz that septum of his is amazing. well whats left of it

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