Union In Partition

Good day, ModBloggers! Let’s begin today with the lovely The Rotten Cherry, checking in from somewhere in the Fatherland, surrendering her ghostly paper heart to (or perhaps just sharing it with) you, the viewer. Sure, you’re probably thinking, “But Jordan, I already have a shelf full of paper hearts from attractive German women with impressive black-and-grey dot-work sleeves (one with an angel and moths, clouds, flames and a swastika, the other with a troll, bats, stars and saturn)—this would just be garish and maybe even overkill.” To which I must reply, it is time to forgo these delicate design sensibilities and accept gifts of this sort when they are offered, the end.

It’s Wednesday, folks. Put on your old man shoes.

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11 thoughts on “Union In Partition

  1. i’m inlove. this blod is not good for my self esteem. everybody is so gorgeous. meow.

  2. she’s absolutely gorgeous. and the gaslight anthem is a fucking cool band. i just saw them live – guess where? in germany. yay :]

  3. omg her arms make her chest and belly look so smooth. its a lovely balance! pretty!

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