Kissing A Mirror

Greetings, ModBloggers! Hope the weekend found you all well and safely out of reach of the raging death-bolts of any and all Armageddon-esque lightning storms. Let’s start our time back together with the calm, well, after the storm, I guess—this heart-stompingly sweet photo of Raldy and his and betrue‘s adorable new addition, Clara, spending some quality time together at home in São Paulo, Brazil.

And so begins another week together, dear readers. Let’s get off on the good foot. I’ll buy you a taco. If we’re lucky, we may even hit the city.

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20 thoughts on “Kissing A Mirror

  1. This seriously made me tear up! What a beautiful bonding moment caught on tape! Lovely!

  2. I could eat that baby, she would probably taste like pure sweetness.
    And I like the daddy’s facial tattoos. And the nostril piercing looks funny, most people use plugs.

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