Fire Destroys Håvve Fjell’s Fakir School

Absolutely terrible news to report here. This is reprinted from Allen Falkner:

I’m sad to report that a fire, this last weekend, destroyed Håvve Fjell’s Fakir School. At this point I do not have much information, but I have received this link and the following message from Havve and was asked to pass it along:


We’re all fine, nobody got hurt. Our school is destroyed and I don’t know how much of our stuff we’ll be able to save. I just got back from Essen tonight, the fire happened Saturday night at the beginning of a party. We don’t know the cause, the police report will hopefully be released to us tomorrow.

I’m completely perplex about the situation and don’t know how I’m supposed to handle the consequences. I have no insurance and I fearing liability claims from the owner of the building. We have 3 shows coming up this weekend and a fully booked season ahead and most of our costumes and props are ashes…

I’ll know more tomorrow.


For those of you that do not know Havve, or his group Pain Solution, he has been a member of our community for many years and has been instrumental in bringing body modification to the general public through performance, teaching, lectures and by helping organize numerous events, most notably the Oslo Suscon.

Håvve and his team have been some of the most generous, welcoming and, of course, talented people we’ve come across in this community, and this is just devastating. We’ll keep you all up to date on how this proceeds and what people can do to help, when the time comes.

15 thoughts on “Fire Destroys Håvve Fjell’s Fakir School

  1. fuck. that is horrible. very glad no one got hurt, but very worried about håvve and the future of the fakir school.
    how can we all come together and help?

  2. That’s absolutely tragic
    I’m overjoyed none were hurt, but I feel terrible what has been done to the school.
    Surely there must be something we can all do to help

  3. If everyone here gives even half as much to him as he has given to us he will be well on the way to recovery. Here is how you can help:

    Donations – Here is the link to his paypal
    Please dig deep and help.

    Banners – If you are creative and good at making web banners, please make one and link it to the paypal URL above.

    Fund Raising – This can be a simple as making a banner placing it on people pages to organizing an event with some of the proceeds going to Havve.

    I know many of you gave already to Matt Brawley when he lost everything in fire earlier this year –

    …but if you can afford it, please donate again.

  4. this is awful and makes me so sad. if i could donate a bit to haave,i definitely would. i know how expensive things in norway are, ESPECIALLY if you don’t have insurance 🙁

  5. I’m so sorry to read that. Best of luck with the recovery. I’m certain BME folk will do all they can to help.

    Håvve is one fantastic dude, and deserves good things, not fires!

  6. I’m so sorry this happened, but quite glad that no one was hurt. You know, it strikes me as strange that this is the second fire that has devastated one of the major contributors to BME and the modded community…Crazy hitman perhaps?

    I just hope we can get a bit more information once the police report reaches Havve. Best of luck guys, and if I can help out with donating I will!

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