A Failure To Accumulate

Hey, it’s Vern! It’s always nice to get pictures of this fella. Charming, handsome, photogenic, tests very well in the 18-35 range, clean and good quality work (though he seems displeased with the amount of tongue-split regrowth), lovely singing voice, never changes lanes without signaling and, of course, posting photos of him gives us the rare excuse to use obscure Ernest film references in the title of the post. You’re all very impressed.

(Photo by taylorjonesphotography.com.)

8 thoughts on “A Failure To Accumulate

  1. I thought I had a Vern sighting on my current trip/vacation/adventure up here in gloomy green Washington. But alas it was not…

    But a good thing to know there is more than one good looking modded ginger kid in these parts!

  2. Santa mistakenly pays his fare with game-board money, and Ernest says, “What we’ve got here is a failure to accumulate.”(via wiki)

    Im well versed in Ernest, not even cause of my name! Scared stupid is my favorite.

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