It Was Blue and Gold

And here, courtesy of the fine folks involved with Berlin, Germany’s Superfly Suspension crew, we have a suspension so nice you just want to hang it on your wall—which, um, was kind of the idea, apparently. This may have been done before (likely by the Superfly team themselves?), but we applaud a clever and well-executed take on suspension like this—one that’s a little more performance art than straight spectacle (not that there’s anything wrong with either, of course).

11 thoughts on “It Was Blue and Gold

  1. This was indeed done before – not only done by the very same Superfly crew but also featured right here on modblog! And Chandler does have an (admittedly neglected) IAM page. Proper research seems not to be modblog’s strong suit these days….But anyway, I think this a cool concept/great idea, executed in a unique and intrinsic way that definitely deserves being featured more often!

  2. both are amazing suspensions but i like this one better. the setup just looks so beautiful and out of the ordinary for suspensions. :)

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