Lie in the Light

Oh, what’s this? Another excellent scarification piece by noted intergalactic traveler Anders at Flesh Impressions in Broadbeach, Australia (more), you say? Yes, that seems to be quite in character for him, indeed. Here we see his work on familiar muse James, explained by the artist himself as such:

It’s an old handmade key design from late 1800s-early 1900s—a single line cut with cross hatching to give the key a handcrafted old look. When healed, it will be a subtle and discreet scar on the hand.

If the result of their last collaboration is any indication of how nicely James heals this sort of work, we can’t wait to see this new piece a little way down the line.

11 thoughts on “Lie in the Light

  1. My favorite piece anders done in awhile, but fantastic as always 🙂

    His flowers on a girls side still takes the cake in my book but can never get enough of his awesome scars.

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