Nature’s Onions

And finally, gentle ModBloggers, we conclude our broadcast day with the lovely Danae, whose presence on these here internets we always enjoy. Does it get much better than a pretty lady sporting some fine tattoo work, clean and subtle piercings and some fancy leather pants? No. No it does not. Well, OK, maybe if she bought the leather pants from a traveling salesman in the Ozarks. There is, happily, another shot after the jump. Until tomorrow.

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22 thoughts on “Nature’s Onions

  1. jojo, when are you going to realize, you don’t have any kind of aesthetic. your hard and fast rules suck worse than tiger woods at a golfing tournament.

  2. oppositronic, they’re called opinions. everyone is allowed to have them, just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t make them wrong.

  3. #17: I don’t get the joke.

    Circumstances make me assume you mean something like “the subtle implant on her left arm, the subtle microdermal on her chest, the not-so-subtle chest tattoo, the hat, the piercings, the make up, the red nail polish, those faux leather leggings and those eyes… the only reasonable thing to do is to look in awe”.

    But I’m not sure.

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