Here Comes the Water

Hey, look, we make the occasional good-natured joke about the Angry Owl God, but it is never, ever with any malice. You know why? This. This is why. Do you have any idea the damage that can be done, the havoc that can be wreaked with just that umbrella? It is a vengeful creature, this god, in whose image we were not created, and for that, we are resented. Tread lightly. Hopefully, it will be appeased by being represented in such an excellent tattoo, complete with what could perhaps be a reference to Tool’s best song right above.

(Spotted owl tattoo done by Anji Marth of High Priestess in Eugene, Oregon, while at the Seattle Tattoo Convention.)

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16 thoughts on “Here Comes the Water

  1. circa survive quote most likely… not tool

    my owl would tear this owl to shreds but good work none the less

  2. I think Jordan went with Tool not only because of the title, but because of his “This Changes Everything” tattoo.

  3. i thought of circa survive too… i’m pretty sure i’ve seen that tattoo referenced somewhere else as a circa survive tattoo.
    really do love the owl though, especially the contrast of focused/blurry details. beauty

  4. Is the owl done? If so, it really sucks. The body should blend better with the wings and head. If not, than it has potential.

  5. @5 I kinda like how it doesn’t blend. Really draws your eyes to the head, makes it stand out as the most important part. The only thing I don’t like is how it’s a cover up that didn’t quite do its job (middle of the wing on the right).

    Also love the mystery of it. Why would an owl carry an umbrella? Seems like there’s a story in there…

  6. if the picture of the owl were a photo of an owl flying toward you, leaned in forward, the camera might focus mostly on the head, and leave the rest a bit blurry. it looks good, to me.

  7. My salt shakers have lots of holes. Not going to lie, the owl made me think of Harry Potter, but it’s been a long week so don’t anyone take that personally. And I didn’t even notice it was a coverup until someone pointed it out 🙂

  8. Good lord, thats beautiful. Strange choice for a chest, but the placement is actually really suited i think 🙂

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