Fortune and Glory

So, the last time we saw Anna, she was in the process of cultivating a finely shorn look for summer, probably. It was a simpler time back then, back before her warm-weather jaunt to the Temple of Doom, where she clearly acquired a diabolical taste for sugary cereals served out of actual human skulls. So enchanted is she by this all-consuming bonelust that she does not even realize the wind has blown off her clothes. Why do the young people still insist on vacationing in those terrible catacombs?

(Cheek piercings by Jon Pitcher at Profound Piercing in Glastonbury, England.)

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18 thoughts on “Fortune and Glory

  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!!! How awesome is it she gets to eat fruity pebbles out of a skull bowl??? And while lookin cute while she’s doin it!

  2. ha ha yeah, the “bowl” came with a lid so it looks like a whole skull with the top on. i try to always eat my breakfast food out of human skulls…

    and yeah, wow, i’m sooooo fat. thanks for that.

  3. Ru, that was completely unnecessary. And vomit, that was really immature for you to laugh at that.
    When you bend over, you get this thing called rolls. Everyone has them, I don’t care how skinny you are. So to say “keep shoveling it in” when she’s bent over in a photo where she’s eating is just really ridiculous.
    Anna I fucking love this photo, I believe I even told you when I last saw you. :) Next time I’m over I expect to be fed fruity pebbles from that goblet. You’re beautiful<3

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