The Fairest in Creation

And finally, gentle readers, let us conclude our broadcast day with this calming shot of Tribal Headhunter of Evora, Portugal, showing off one hell of a handsome backpiece by Guru while relaxing on a beach on the Island of Farol. Is there a click-through? Of course there’s a click-through.

Until tomorrow, folks.

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13 thoughts on “The Fairest in Creation

  1. i really love tibetan skulls!! and this are at least less seen than those overdone koi and hanya backpieces , no affence i like japanese and oriental tattoos the most but when it’s overdone it loses it sence …

  2. #dennis you’re right !! what a fucking ripoff … now i hate this backpiece !
    can’t the guy just stay original … no just steal a tattoo of another one that’s cooler than having a one of a kind deisgn …. NOT !

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