Give Few Thy Voice

Good morning, ModBloggers! Hey, it’s 3 O’clock. No, really—that’s 3 O’clock up there, showing off just one of the appearance choices made possible when one has big stretched lobes and large-gauge cartilage piercings with which to play. After the jump? We catch a glimpse of this same lobe in its natural habitat.

It’s Tuesday, dear readers, and we’ve still got a ways to go this week. Let’s watch the miles flying by.

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14 thoughts on “Give Few Thy Voice

  1. It took me a sec to figure this out. I was wondering how he managed to keep the tissue alive while it wasn’t attached.
    Now I understand. And it was good!

  2. for some reason i saw the first picture and laughed, im not sure why, but it struck me as funny.
    either way, its AWSOME. wish i could do cool things with my piercings 🙂

  3. I love the little notch, too 🙂 The rest is all nice and fancy, but there’s something adorable about that little notch.

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