Wait It Out

Sure, designing some Tool album art may have helped get his name out among folks who may not have normally been exposed to his work, but Alex Grey‘s paintings and drawings have always seemed particularly well suited to tattoo adaptations (we’ve featured a few in the past), and this application of one of his “vajra brush” designs by Alex Jazz at Extreme-Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, is no exception. It is interesting, however, to see his work in black and grey, considering how much he’s often associated with incredibly bright and vibrant colors, but hey, we think this works just fine.

After the jump, we zoom out a touch and see this piece in the context of (most of) the rest of clockorange.

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13 thoughts on “Wait It Out

  1. lol the heels were the 3rd thing i noticed…first i looked at her nicely done piece. then looked at the next most obvious piece, then ventured to her feet and seen her heels.

    needless to say, i don’t judge a girl by her heels. so +1 to her for having a great looking body and some fine ink

  2. whats with modblog and pointing out the flaws and imperfections in the photos that are not bodymod related….

  3. # lolo_at_heart on September 15th, 2009 at 4:39 pm:

    nice work but her heels are a little beaten up

    Most stupid and unnecessary comment I’ve ever heard! Why do people make remarks like that?

  4. You can only look at the good parts tattoo/ass??

    But lesser parts must be discussed to like the beaten heels

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