Take Him By the Tail

Oh hey, it’s Nik Santos! Here he is, amusing the local schoolchildren in Grass Valley, California (possibly?) with his comically over-sized 5/8″-inch thick “bull ring from hell,” as he puts it. What’s the best way to win over young Nik? “If you’re straight edge, have mods or get naked,” he says, “we could be friends.” We think he’ll get along juuust fine.

After the jump, Nik becomes ensnared in an organic finger-trap. Let this be a cautionary tale to ye all.

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28 thoughts on “Take Him By the Tail

  1. That is fucking awesome..i love his giant giant ring..an the tattooed eyebrows are pretty funky too..

  2. So I guess the easiest way to get on Modblog is to put something stupid in your piercings as jewelry. Man this is so much better than it used to be, who wants to see new an innovative techniques when we can see some moron with ugly facial tattoos put something big in his septum.

  3. i’m not really a fan of any of this. i don’t think the eyebrow tattoos are flattering (and i am actually a fan of facial tattoos), and if i’m straight edge, we can be friends? well, i can safely say i’m glad i’m not.

  4. Wow, I’m glad I rarely read the comments around here. I think I’ll keep it this way so I go on pretending that the other readers aren’t arrogant, pretentious snobs that have to criticize everything and ruin it for those of us that just like seeing people’s mods.

  5. @Django.Iscariot

    Honestly, I’m inclined to agree, but at the same time i don’t think anyone in their right mind could argue that modblog is half the place it was when shannon was around. Lately it feels like I only check the blog out of habit. It seems more and more people are realizing that and are sick and tired of the same old recycled crap.

    I wish Shannon would restart bodytwo, Or something that actually benefits the community, as it has become clear that modblog has no intention of living up to what it once was.

  6. @3, 4, 8
    Seriously though,
    I am damned tired of seeing the same bums on here, sticking crazy things in his piercings.

    Seeing peoples Mods? WTF … Whats New Here? Same thing – I got a big hole, I’m gonna put a mouse in it, a finger, a big ring, an inappropriate object, etc. It gets damned old.

    Sick of Babasom, Sick of that ferdudurke dude, Sick of seeing freakishness being done for the sake of freakishness. No close ups on mods, techniques, art pieces on the body. Just long shots of idiocy.

    You’re right, i wanna see mods too. But I am so sick of nude girls with two microdermals, or a cute face with some random piercings. Puh Leeze, let’s get into what this is about – the art, the mod, the experience. Not putting bizarre shit in and through your body so you can snap a pic and send it off to the modblog.

  7. None of these pics have been photoshoped or edited in any way, it was taken on a cell phone,

    ANd if you dont like seeing shit like this you dont belong here.

  8. Not to mention how most of the time if I post a critical comment, by the next day it’s gone. Also, what the fuck do dildos have to do with body modification? Is that really how money hungry Rachel is now, that she has to sell sex toys in a once good online store meant for body modification?


  10. Nick, I do have to agree that it was better with Shannon around, much more exciting and with a stronger bent towards the new and different. However, the people that are getting all butthurt about “the community” are the same people that are slandering other people for having “stupid” or “ugly” mods, which is only hurtful to the other people in their “community”. I might not speak for everyone when I say this, but to me, body modification doesn’t have a damned thing to do with the opinions and beliefs of those around you; it’s all about self-image and personal expression. If you can’t support that, you’re not part of “the community” at all.

    No, there’s not always going to be something innovative and original. When was the last time any of you pioneered a new modification technique, a new type of piercing, a new style of tattoo? We can’t all be unique and beautiful snowflakes, we can only be us.

    I can only be who I am. That much is true for any of us.

    So lay off the hate and the criticism, stop heckling people for having mods that you don’t like, or because they like to have fun occasionally and not treat their every moment with the utmost of gravity. If you don’t like what’s posted on this site, if you don’t like seeing the mods those of us not blessed with the gift of inspiration and expertise, you don’t have to look at it. Nobody is forcing you to click that link, and none of us is asking to have your spite and vitriol sprayed over our screens while we’re trying to enjoy a mutual interest in this particular form of art.

  11. I like how he also said “have mods or get naked” but no one’s screaming about how sick they are of people with mods who only want to be friends with people with mods or people who like naked people :)

    I think this is just an excuse to hate on straight-edge. He just wants friends that are into the same things he is, who’s to knock that?

  12. fighting fighting fighting amongst yourselves. You sound like little scene kids. haha

    that’s such a fucking gnarly ring nik. I love it.
    I have a crazy desire right now to see a chola with 5/8″ ears wear those hoops. that’d make my life. hahahahah

  13. Man, that oversized CBR is awesome. And I love the … what would you call them? Spaced helixes, maybe? Them holes up’n his ears. Neat look.

    @WillyWonka Nice.

  14. Spencer, are you implying that “scene kids” are the only people you argue? Are you by some chance mentally handicapped?

  15. Jojo, maybe he just thought “scene kids” would be less offensive than “old jewish women”.

  16. errr, my original post should have said “that argue” not “you argue” .

    Haha, You guys sound like old jewish women?!

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