The Youth of a Sparrow

And here we have Duncan, checking in with some fine old school work courtesy of Shaun Bushnell (Glenn’s Tattoo Service), Joe Almquist and Scott Denhalter (Cape Fear Tattoo) and Brian Leebrick (Port City Tattoo), to say nothing of some fancy ear jewelry and a generally winsome demeanor. And hey, this photo also commemorates his one-year anniversary at the aforementioned Cape Fear Tattoo in Greenville, North Carolina, so congratulations for that! Upon hearing about the milestone and seeing the nice bold old school pieces, Bob Roberts showed up at his house, beat him senseless, gave him a cigar and then bought him whiskey and steak all night. True story.*

*Not a true story by any means.

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18 thoughts on “The Youth of a Sparrow

  1. word homie, i see you’ve got some planet plugs from gws. very nice. :) i have the nebulas and they’re my fav. plugs.

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