I Like You Temporarily

Whoa hey, lots of great play piercing photos around these parts lately, no? These things feel cyclical sometimes, and what better way to keep the cycle going than with another revolution—like, say, with this lovely set sent in by (and featuring) SweetNausea, for whom this 13-needle session was a graduate photography project. The final product, of course, became the hit Pixar summer tear-jerker Up. We think. Either way, we should all be so lucky to have such fun for school, right? More helium-aided photos in pink and blue, after the jump.

(Piercings by Lliezel Ellick at Wildfire Piercing in Cape Town, South Africa. Photos by Clare Foxcroft Williams.)

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9 thoughts on “I Like You Temporarily

  1. amazing idea, amazing photography, and amazing execution…

    well done…. wish i had done a shoot like this sooner…

  2. I really like the shoes too!!! Haha
    These are really great. I love the second picture. It’s very pretty.

  3. Very, very nice. My girlfriend is doing a shoot with Clare this evening, so hopefully the pictures from that will make it up here soon.

  4. Thanks for the feature, Jordan. Really appreciate it.
    And for Seeing Red, there are some other/ more revealing ones to be posted from these and other shoots soon, keep an eye on the Ritual/Play Piercing albums…


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