Dabbled In Blood

Hey, anyone in the mood for a double-Decker? We first published fresh photos of Heather‘s hand back in those heady days of summer, but now, several months into the healing process, here’s a clearer idea of what the result is likely going to be. Clean, subtle—in our estimation, pretty much ideal for a hand scarification piece. Lovely stuff.

(Cutting by Brian Decker at Pure Body Arts in Brooklyn, New York.)

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17 thoughts on “Dabbled In Blood

  1. oh wow, that looks so amazing,
    makes me want to get some nicely done scarification now.

  2. No I’m never in the mood for cheesy simple and not very eye pleasing scarification, son. why not just start posting scratchers on modblog. scratchers.

  3. WOW

    i cant believe i havent visited PURE yet
    Brian is clearly the best cutter in the industry

  4. Alot of time, effort, and thought went into this. It is a very important piece not only because of it’s significance to me, but because of the time put into it by Candice, who drew the final design and Brian (obviously) who spent 5 hours making sure it was perfect. The entire experience made this very special for me. The procedure itself, the healing process as well as how my life has changed just a bit by having a big f-ing scar on my hand. It had become an evolving piece of art that changes every day. Beginning as a painful open would, a swollen, itchy, sore, scabby mess, the sensitive beginnings of a scar and now this. Something that changes color and texture with my body temperature or even the weather. Something that makes me happy every time it catches my eye (which is pretty often. I can’t thank Brian and Candice enough really. As well as the other people involved in this process. And to everyone who’s commented or sent me msgs thanks to you too :-) My ego always could use some stroking…
    And ps… was there a sale on HaterAde or what?! Wowza! ;-)

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