Coming To Austin, Texas: Brian Decker!

If there are two things we enjoy above almost all else, they are cephalopod-related body modifications and warm corned beef sandwiches. If we were to add a third item, though, Brian Decker would probably make the list, seeing as he never fails to provide us with awe-inspiring tentacled monsters (though this one was mostly designed by the lovely Candace. In exchange for his contributions to the canon, we’ll pass on the word that Mr. Decker will be in Austin, Texas, at the end of this month, starting around October 20, and he is taking appointments! Visit him on IAM or at Pure Body Arts to set something up. Just do it already.

18 thoughts on “Coming To Austin, Texas: Brian Decker!

  1. i have liked a lot of things that have been posted, but im not jealous of the wearer very often. this is an exception. i wish that was minee

  2. Why is it that Jordan wrote more about your piece/travel plans than you did when you posted this on yesterday’s Scarwars update Brian?
    C’mon man…. promote yourself! (which means learn how to hyperlink)

  3. I normally love Brian :] I do plan on visiting him one day….but I just dont think this is as good as the other featured octopussies on here :D

  4. Im SOooo0 jealous. Right when a bad ass scarification artist comes in my town Im broke. C’EST La Vie XD

  5. I would not get any work done by someone who calls his partner “my bitch.”

    Fuck that guy.

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  7. Haha. Oh Becki, what a sense of humor you have. The posting is a joke, of course, and we both know that, but I will gladly edit it if it honestly offends you that much.

  8. awwe neato! i’m on modblog. thanks so much again brian and candace! i love it so much, it’s exactly what i wanted.

  9. I absolutely LOVE sea creature tattoos and scars, and more of your work I see the more I want a scar immensely bad. You rock

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  11. Brian,
    Perpetuating a mysoginist/patriarchical attitude is offensive no matter what your intentions are. In this context it was also immature and unprofessional. I appreciate the change made.

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