Fixed To An Atom

We have resisted every nerdy impulse we possess to make some sort of awful Ernest reference, and instead would just like to share this handsome skin-removal offering by Vern K. out of Stay Gold in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who we last saw working his ear magic with this fancy cartilage project. Now, however, he’s trying his hand at scarification and, while he doesn’t have the most extensive portfolio just yet, we certainly appreciate the design and placement of this piece. We hope, as always, that we’ll be kept in the loop as this heals, but it sure seems like this has the makings of a nice, subtle scar, well suited for its position on the torso, doesn’t it? To be continued, perhaps.

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11 thoughts on “Fixed To An Atom

  1. I wouldn’t call it competition, I’ve been teaching Vern some cutting over the last few months and as you can see he seems to be taking to it very well. He’s doing awesome with it so far.

  2. very nice work Vern for just a few months of learning. looking forward to seeing more of your work on here in the future

  3. Well done, man! Pretty neat for someone that has only been learning for a few months!

    I’m really looking foreward to seeing more of his work in time.

  4. oh, Steve don’t get so defensive. you know I <3 you. kind of.

    buuuuttt maybe I’ll let Vern do my next cutting? ;-)

  5. Sooo purdy!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cutting that looked so even! She healed very nicely, I’m shocked that it scared so flatly! I’m sure that probably has to do more with the person’s body then the actual cut, but either way I love it!

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