Only A Game

Welcome back, ModBloggers! We hope you enjoyed your (potentially) long weekend, whether you were eating Canadian turkeys or getting trashed and singing the praises of ol’ Christopher Columbus or whatever. At any rate, we hope you are refreshed and bearing no more gravy stains than absolutely necessary. Let’s begin our slightly shortened week with these lovebirds, Justin and Lilli, who we last saw about a month ago hanging out safely in some sort of urban jungle. This time, however? They are risking life and limb, perched precariously over the Grand goddamn Canyon, just to give you folks an adorable picture with which to start your day. It’s nothing if not thoughtful, right? Show them some love. And hey, more lovely, outdoorsy, walrus-y goodness, post-jump.

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10 thoughts on “Only A Game

  1. Justin and Lilli are always smiling, which is why I love them so much.
    Hi Tin Tin, from Jackie & Alex.

  2. i like how they have different jewelry and one of them has a slightly different hair color than last time. what kind of jewelry/hair colors are they going to have next?! strong work modblog

  3. Shit, I’ve never been there and I live four hours away. Kudos on being the cutest couple in the whole damn state.

  4. I was there too last week but the view wasn’t nearly as sexy as it is in these pictures. Dang.

  5. i think i saw this girl kickin’ it at HTC in Tempe! Not 100% sure, but… either way, sweet pics, and awesome piercings, especially dig the stretched snakebites

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