Don’t Drink Boners

We were almost—almost—disappointed that this glorious work of art did not include various elements, such as the crucifix, which is how you know it’s a religious tattoo, but you know what? We’re willing to look past such omissions due to the fact that even a re-interpreted Whitest Kids U’ Know tattoo is much, much better than none at all. Context and very happy birthday to Rick, after the jump.

(Tattoo by Ronan Harvey at Avalon Tattoo in San Diego, California.)

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23 thoughts on “Don’t Drink Boners

  1. OMG beat me to this one. I was gonna get it, but i would have chickened out on several of the components, too. we need some hardcore guy to get the entire thing.

  2. Ya this one is lacking… no music notes coming out of the guitar, not cross, no pot leaf…. FAIL

    and that geekologie post is a photoshop

  3. i hate to be a naysayer, but in order to give such a large chunk of prime skin up to something like the WKUK bowser, i really wish it would have been exactly as he described it in the skit. all the same, its fucking hilarious and i tip my hat to the wearer.

  4. I can’t blame him for leaving out the cross or pot leaf – he may like Bowser, and he may think the skit’s funny, but those other two icons probably represent a lifestyle he’s not a part of. Better to go “inaccurate” in such an event, then have iconography you’re uncomfortable with as part of your body forever.

  5. amazing fukin amazin but i dont think the other 1 every 1 else is posting is real looks photos s

  6. 15, 16, the other ones real but poorly executed, there were pictures of it being done at some point but they appear to have been lost to the depths of the Internet.

  7. But…but…Bowser wasn’t in Super Martio Bros. 2! It was a repackaged version of Doki Doki Panic and had a boss named Wart.

    Cute though, quite cute.

  8. About damn time Bowzer got props from BME.

    Ye Gods Trevor Moore is hot with his 2 inch guns. No, srsly.

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